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Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. successful in ousting execrable roommate

It can be quite difficult finding roommates that successfully cohabitate together. So when four roommates in Manhattan’s Upper West Side were quarreling with no resolution in sight, they sought the legal expertise of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. to remedy the situation.

Three women were sharing a four bedroom duplex, when they decided to find another roommate to lower the cost of rent and fill the fourth bedroom. The women settled on allowing a young man to move in with them. However, shortly after the young man moved in, tensions began to rise when his significant-other began spending large portions of time within the apartment. The women claimed that the male roommates’ girlfriend was surly, explicit, and confrontational. The women furthered that they were incensed with the lack of concern and awareness for their shared space by their male roommate. The women collectively resolved to have the young man evicted pro se. However, after that approach didn’t prove fruitful, the girls opted to hire experienced attorneys who could quickly and successfully navigate the complicated legal system.

The women sought immediate relief from their landlord, who referred them to the attorneys of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. The landlord did not want to get involved, but was a previous client of the firm and was impressed with how the attorneys handled several of his cases.

After meeting with the girls, the team at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. agreed to take on their case. The attorneys recognized that by taking the case to trial they could achieve a speedier and more cost effective result for their clients. They then decided to take the case to trial without delay.

Acknowledging that some judges are better than others at settling cases, the attorneys strategized over which judge they would present the case to. Once the intended judge was selected, the attorneys brought the case before her. The attorneys advocated for the clients case, asserting that they were well within their rights to expel the contemptuous roommate from the apartment.

Just as the attorneys predicted, the judge was swift in settling the case. The young man was ordered to move out and the clients were happy to return their apartment back to a non-hostile living environment.

Christopher Halligan of Adam Leitman Bailey represented the tenants in this matter.

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