Adam Leitman Bailey Philanthropy

Adam Leitman Bailey Philanthropy


Both books speak to Adam Leitman Bailey’s drive to help those in his community. Outside of the legal sector and his authorial endeavors, Bailey is an active philanthropist. He is the founder and the primary funder of Building Foundations and Dreams, a nonprofit organization dedicated to — among other aims — providing talented young individuals from underserved communities with the tools, resources, and funds they need to pursue their academic and career dreams. Since its establishment, Building Foundations has implemented over 150 projects across a broad spectrum of community-centered goals. 

Under Adam Leitman Bailey’s direction, Building Foundations and Dreams has given millions of dollars back into underserved communities via prestigious college scholarships, youth mentoring programs, anti-bullying initiatives, and paid internships. Bailey himself has also personally provided significant funding grants to support hospital research into preventing and curing severe illnesses such as leukemia and neurological disease. 

His generosity and efforts to support young people in underserved communities earned him the title of “Humanitarian of the Year” from the New Milford Education Foundation.

Adam Leitman Bailey has also self-funded the four-year Raymond “Hap” Harrison scholarship continuously since 2008. This award provides financial support to high-achieving high school graduates who demonstrate financial need and exemplify the humanitarian and achievement-centered valued that its namesake, Bailey’s high school track coach, inculcated in Bailey. 

For many recipients, Bailey’s contributions have had a profoundly positive and long-lasting impact on their college journey and career achievements. To quote Jennifer Teets, a past recipient of the Hap Harrison scholarship, “It’s not just a check. He continues to make sure we’re happy and doing well, and he gives back again and again. To me, when I think about how much he’s donated — I don’t know, to me, that’s completely humanitarian.”

Causes Adam Supports


We provide funding for vital groundbreaking research into cures for various life-threatening children’s diseases and illnesses.


We are passionate about using education as a tool to improve students’ opportunities and bring communities closer together. From public speaking in universities, to mentoring and offering valuable guidance, we provide direct support to countless students.


Building Foundations & Dreams has a 100% anti-bullying approach and works to empower students in schools to stand up against bullying and support victims.


Building Foundations & Dreams contributes to a range of beneficial projects where the community needs it most, such as providing support to the victims of 9/11.


Working directly with schools and students, we provide much-needed support to those with otherwise limited education opportunities. Adam Leitman Bailey himself personally dedicates his time to visiting these schools.


Building Foundations & Dreams provides crucial financial support for relief from natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy.