As a student at Rutgers, money was not plentiful.  I literally ate the same sandwich from the MV deli in New Brunswick every day for lunch as it had the terrific price of $3.25.  It took me over a decade before I would consume a turkey sandwich again.  Rabbi Goodman needed people to join his Chabad dinners and my friends and I were big fans of free food.  Our relationship took off and I was able to assist in filling his dining hall on Friday nights.  Three decades later we are now, in a small part, financially supporting these dinners and his family has grown into a small army.  What a wonderful feeling seeing a picture of a few of his grandchildren reading Home and hearing that he has purchased a number of books for his other family grandchildren.  Rabbi Goodman has worked hard making this world a wonderful place.  I am amazed and relish that we are connected 30 years later.