Adam Leitman Bailey isn’t one to sit by the sidelines. Over the last several months, Bailey and his award-winning real estate law firm have achieved countless press mentions and earned mentions in publications such as The Real Deal, KivoDaily, and LawDragon. To read these articles in full, scroll through the below excerpts. 


Landlord-Tenant—Class Action Complaint Withstands Motion To Dismiss—Rent Overcharges—Motion for Class Certification

In this Realty Law Digest, notable commercial litigator and legal writer Scott E. Mollen offers his thoughts on two recent cases (“Maddicks v. Big City Properties,” and “Varley v. Elk.”) that may have significant implications for future decision-making in landlord-tenant law. Notably, Adam Leitman Bailey P.C. represented Elk in the latter case. 

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How Adam Leitman Bailey Became New York’s Top Real Estate Lawyer

“You can learn from every one, no matter how repulsive a person might seem to you—everyone.” 

In a new interview published by Kivo Daily, Adam Leitman Bailey reflects on his early career and offers advice that is in equal parts pragmatic, useful, and undeniably blunt. 

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The Real Deal’s Founders Share War Stories from Over the Years

In this retrospective, Real Deal co-founders Amir Korangy, Stuart Elliot, and Yoav Barilan look back on the big breaks and controversies that defined The Real Deal as one of the foremost real estate magazines of our time. During their conversation, Stuart reflects on a moment that he describes as “ingenious” — Adam Leitman Bailey’s strategic use of the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act during the housing crisis. 

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Even Broken Bones Can’t Stop Adam Leitman Bailey from Reaching for Success

“After breaking both arms and falling into a coma, most people wouldn’t wake up and decide to win all-county honors for their high school track team. Most people aren’t Adam Leitman Bailey.” 

This article takes a deep dive into the personal history and unquenchable determination that drove Adam Leitman Bailey to overcome towering economic barriers and become one of New York’s finest real estate lawyers. 

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Lawyer Limelight: Adam Leitman Bailey

What does it take to build the top real estate legal firm in New York City? In this exclusive interview with LawDragon, Adam Leitman Bailey provides a few insights on his journey towards success as a lawyer-entrepreneur. Here’s a highlight:

“Every day is exciting at Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C. Almost every case or deal comes with tremendous odds […] When litigating, someone is going to win, and someone is going to lose, and there is no room for second place with this much money on the line.” 

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Superstar Lawyer Adam Leitman Bailey Speaks About 20-Year Anniversary

Adam Leitman Bailey has dedicated his career to reshaping New York City’s real estate law sector for the better. For the last two decades, Bailey’s fierce persistence, hard-won expertise, and passion for justice have earned him a reputation for being one of the foremost real estate lawyers in New York City — and a stellar entrepreneur. In March, EntrepreneurshipLife marked the anniversary of ALBPC by interviewing Bailey on his approach to running a successful business. 

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