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This is a quote I really love by Kobe Bryant. “How can others story impact others? The definition of greatness is to inspire people next to you.  How can you inspire one person then turn to inspire another person. Our challenge is for people, to figure out how our story can impact others, to motivate them to create greatness in others. – Kobe Bryant.  Adam Leitman Bailey may have a brash facade, he’s been written up in the NY Post, NY Times, & Huffington Post, perhaps not always as a hero, but to play on the team he’s hired to protect.  Adam’s story may inspire a few of you, as we dive into his younger years of his rough childhood, being a passenger of a terrible car accident, the growing pains he’s faced as a young adult. We then go into present date, where he shares his tremendous success story of suing Donald & Ivanka Trump, representing Linda Mackelowe in the most expensive divorce case in US history. (read about his bio below)


Adam is one of the most distinguished real estate attorneys in America.  Born in Bayside Queens, he moved to California at the age of five, and later moved back to NJ where he graduated with honors from Rutgers, then obtained his law degree from Syracuse University College of Law.  Adam is an author of NYT’s best seller Finding The Uncommon Deal.”, he was selected by the Chambers & Partners publication as NY’s leading RE lawyers, and was named Super Lawyer by Law & Politics magazine.   Adam has a long list of notable cases, but to mention a few he’s represented Developer Sharif El Gamal, who proposed an Islamic mosque & cultural center near the ground zero site, where his opponents were the families affected by 9/11, politicians, and conservative media pundits. (long story short it turned into 45 park place. Adam was responsible for obtaining the largest residential condo settlement in the history of NY, as well as  successfully relieved purchasers from new developments like 20 pine, The Brompton, Trump Soho & Sky View Park.


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